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  • When were the former students employed?
    This rate is based on program completers who were employed within 180 days of completion.

    How were completers tracked?
    Completer/alumni survey, student in-person interviews, Exit interviews

    The Cosmetology program will provide you a comprehensive understanding of the beauty industry. It’s the complete package! You will learn

    and you will have an understanding of how it all works with courses such as the basics of chemistry, anatomy, salon ecology, salon business and more. Our graduates leave here ready to work and occupy several positions such as:

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    COSM101 – Orientation and Professional Development, HIV (8 hrs.)

    COSM102 – Florida Laws (15 hrs.)

    COSM103 – Salon Ecology (20 hrs.)

    COSM104 – Basics of Chemistry (10 hrs.)

    COSM105 – Scalp Care, Shampooing and Conditioning (57 hrs.)

    COSM106 – Hair Additions and Wigs (378 hrs.)

    COSM107 – Haircutting (352 hrs.)

    COSM108 – Chemical Texturizing (132 hrs.)

    COSM109 – Hair Coloring (130 hrs.)

    COSM110 – The Study of the Skin, Anatomy (72 hrs.)

    COSM111 – The Study of the Nail (42 hrs.)

    COSM112 – Electricity, Salon Business (14 hrs.)

    TOTAL HOURS – (1230 hrs.)

    Tuition & Fees $15,795.00
    Registration Fee $100.00
    Books $600.00
    Total $16,495.00

    Federal Financial Assistance

    Schedule & Completion Time

    The Cosmetology Program may be completed in approximately 1 year by a full-time student and 15 months by a part-time student. Completion time will depend on your actual attendance.

    Full-Time Day: Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm.
    Part-Time Day: Monday – Friday from 9am-1pm.
    Part-Time Evening: Monday – Friday from 6pm-10pm.

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